General Information

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The Village Office is located at 148 W. Saginaw Street, PO Box 485.  The office is open Monday through Thursday from 9 am until 3 pm. Summer months (June, July, August) the office is closed on Thursday, open Monday through Wednesday 9 am until 3 pm. Phone 643-5660. DPW office phone is 643-7722.

The Village is operated under the direction of the Merrill Village Council.  It’s members consist of a President, Treasurer, Clerk and six Council Trustees.  Meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the second Monday of each month in the Village Office.  The meetings are open to the public.

Police protection is provided through a contract with the Richland Township Sheriff’s Department.  Business phone 643-7049.  ALL EMERGENCY CALLS, PHONE 911.

Fire/Rescue is provided through the Jonesfield/Lakefield Fire Department located on W. Mahoney Street.  Business phone 643-5277.  ALL EMERGENCY CALLS, PHONE 911.

Residents should clear snow away from fire hydrants if they are located around your property to ensure ample access in case of fire.

The Post Office is located on the corner of Midland and Perkins Street.  Village residents are offered a free post office box.  Counter service is from 9 am to 4 pm, closed from 12:30 to 1:30 for lunch Monday – Friday.  Access to postal boxes is from 6 am to 7 pm daily.

Merrill District Library is located at 321 W. Saginaw Rd. Phone 643-7300

The Village has two churches, both located on Midland Street.   Merrill Congregational Church and Sacred Heart (Catholic) Church.

Free WiFi is available at EJ’s Bar and Grill on Midland Rd. and the Merrill District Library on Saginaw Rd.

Please remember that your city water meters are subject to freezing and bursting causing water damage.  Ensure there is proper heat supplied to these areas.

Garbage collection is done every Monday morning.  Recycling is done every other Monday morning.  Please have your recycling and refuse at the street by 7 a.m.  Recycling bins are available at the Village Office but any container labeled RECYCLE are acceptable.  Phone 643-5660.

Yard waste is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays in the summer months by the DPW.  Please put waste in containers with no more than fifty (50) pounds per container.  During the fall months, rake your leaves to the curb.  Please do not block the sewer drains or the streets.

Snow removal is done by the Village DPW.  Please do not park in the streets preventing the plows from coming through.  Please do not shovel or blow driveway and sidewalk snow into the streets.  Sidewalk snow removal is the responsibility of the home owner.  Snow must be removed from the sidewalks within 24 hours of the snowfall.

Permits must be obtained for any new builds since the Village of Merrill is a zoned community.  This includes sheds, garages, swimming pools, fences, etc.

Village Right of Way is generally thirty-three (33) feet from the center of the street into your property or the inside edge of the sidewalk if you have one.

The Village Park/Children’s Play Scape is located at the west end of Mahoney Street.  Two pavilions are available for your use along with bathrooms.  Motorized vehicles are not permitted in the park.  All dogs must be leashed and please pick up after your dog.  Park permits for private use are available at the Village office with a $45 fee.

Storage of Boats and RV’s are allowed to be on your property and must be stored in the back yard or side yard behind the front of the house and are not allowed on the right of way. 

Open burning is permitted only in approved fire pits.  Approval must be obtained prior to installing a pit.  Permit applications are available at the Village Office at no charge.

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